Game Localization Services

Are you prepared to take on the big game? We certainly are. Our customized game localization service is the key to make your game transcend borders successfully.

Game Localization Services

Let’s whole world play your game!

Localization services for video games are essential for any title or franchise aiming to broaden their player base. Marano provides a comprehensive strategy that encompasses cultural, linguistic, and visual aspects of game localization. Our team comprises professional video game translators and localization specialists. Alongside our dedicated customer support, we ensure that every project proceeds seamlessly.

Game Localization Company You Can Trust

Quality and Consistency

We employ cutting-edge localization tools and methods to maintain consistency and quality at every stage of the localization process, resulting in a top-notch game that not only meets but often surpasses our clients’ expectations.

Ongoing Client Support

We offer continuous support to our clients throughout the game localization journey, encompassing consultation, project management, and post-delivery assistance, all aimed at ensuring their utmost satisfaction.

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