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We’ll assist you in implementing more efficient continuous localization workflows for projects that require frequent updates.

Why Marano Busines?

We assist our clients at every stage of the translation process.

  • Adherence to international quality standards.
  • Capacity for high daily translation output.
  • Specialization in Southeast Asian and Eastern languages.
  • Versatility and adaptability to different source types.
  • Computer Assisted Translation (CAT) tools agnostic.
  • Competitive rates for all languages pairs.

Which types Of Localization We Do.

Localization services play a vital role in tailoring products to suit the culture and language preferences of diverse target markets. Discover how to select the most suitable provider to meet your specific requirements.

How to Choose Right Localization service.

Companies that frequently expand their businesses into the global market often encounter language as a significant barrier to entry. The choice of which language serves as the primary language of the internet depends on technical factors. While English is the primary language on the internet in terms of technology, it represents only 25% of internet users worldwide. What’s more interesting is that languages other than English, such as Chinese, Spanish, or Arabic, are growing significantly.

For products or services that aim to gain trust and attract buyers in the global market, it’s not just about “speaking” their language; it’s also about understanding and incorporating the unique cultural and regional aspects of each location. The process goes beyond language translation; it’s about creating a “localized” user experience that resonates with people’s expectations in their locale, currency regulations, and more.

Every company aspiring to expand its business globally should have more than just up-to-date language translation; they need a robust localization service. If you want a suitable localized user experience for your business needs, this guide will lead you through everything you need to know about localization as a growth driver.

What localization services do I need?

Your choice of localization services can vary based on the product or service you provide, your localization objectives, and your financial constraints. The spectrum of options is wide-ranging, spanning from software localization to video game adaptation. Here are several prevalent localization services:

Webtoon Localization

Webtoon Localization focuses on publishing comic works in the local language, emphasizing the expansion and growth of comics. It involves discovering and tracking downloads, user acceptance, and return rates, making it as convenient and accessible as possible for users in their respective locations. In the localization process, experts in regional translation collaborate to ensure that all translation resources, including artwork, region-specific content, metadata, visual elements, and more, align with legal, cultural norms, preferences, and market expectations.

Document localization

In the context of Document Localization, the focus is on translating documents, information, or various data sets to enhance linguistic accuracy in the local language. This is achieved by making the content suitable through collaboration of experts in regional translation to ensure that the translation aligns with the legal and cultural requirements, as well as region-specific content and baseline data.

Website localization

This type of localization is very similar to document localization, but it focuses on websites. In addition to translating and adapting the app’s UI and UX, it also involves optimizing the website for different devices, local standards, and user expectations in the target languages.

Game Localization

Throughout the localization process, every element within the game, including the storyline, character progression, user interface, and in-game text, can be customized to establish a deeper connection with players in various markets. Identifying linguists who are also avid gamers is crucial because they possess the ability to modify the game in a manner that preserves the essence and ambiance of the original while ensuring its resonance with a local audience.

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