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We specialize in creating authentic and engaging experiences for your customers in their own language. We don’t just translate; we ensure your content resonates with a local audience, making your brand memorable across your document, online courses, eBooks, video games, ads, and more.

Feel free to tailor this template to your specific requirements. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any inquiries. We prioritize both the prompt delivery and the quality of our work.

Providing high quality Post-Production.

As a leading post-production house in Bangkok, Marano Studios offers high-quality services with complete confidentiality. Founded by former members of the top management at a renowned post-production provider, we operate with the vision of being an ‘elite post-production knowledge provider,’ serving as an essential bridge to the world of television and film..


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Perfect localization services for your success.

We provide translation and localization from sources such as gaming, subtitles, life science, the automobile industry, marketing/ advertising, engineering, IT, finance, legal, travel, etc. We also offer an interpretation service for hospitals, factories, and many events in Thailand. Marano Business has a strong commitment to the language sector. For all of the above reasons, we hope to convince you that Marano Business can become your strategic partner to maximize your competitiveness in today’s global market. We look forward to helping you achieve that goal.


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